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Solving methods

Solver Sudoku is a deep search (as opposed to a wide search) because it completely checks the branch for a possible solution before moving to another branch. Although it has been established that there are approximately 5.96 x 1126 final grids, the brute force algorithm can be a useful way to solve Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku solving algorithm

Sudoku solving algorithm visits blank cells in a certain order, enters numbers one at a time, or returns if the number is incorrect. In short, the Sudoku solver would solve the puzzle by putting the number “1” in the first cell and seeing if it could be there. If there are no violations (checking for row, column, and field constraints), the Sudoku-solving algorithm moves to the next cell and puts “1” in it.

Stochastic search or optimization methods

The popularity of intellectual games in the pre-computer age was extremely high. The fact is, many people can easily buy newspapers and solve crosswords, solve puzzles, and even play Sudoku for free whenever they want. Then there were profile publications. Puzzle-oriented publications already focus on the consumer of such a product. The advent of computers pushed crossword puzzles into the background. After all, the power of computers could be used for more colorful and resource-consuming entertainment. But time has put games on its shelves. For example, more and more people on the Internet are trying to play Sudoku online. And the secret is very simple: in the era of bright design and the dominance of contrasting shades, not only on TV, but also on the web, the human eye wants to relax. At the same time, Sudoku gives these people the opportunity to relax with pleasure. After all, solving these puzzles requires remarkable mastery of logic. Moreover, playing Sudoku online is much more exciting. After all, a computer program has much more potential. You may not have to think about what to do after solving the next puzzle. Just generate a new one. By the way, remember those tormented letters from newspapers with no room for pencil and etchings? It won’t be on the computer anyway. Most Sudoku games can be solved in the handy editor. You can label yourself and enter up to four hypothetical numbers in each cell. Agree, it is much more convenient and visual. However, solving Sudoku without using all of these features can be difficult. For fans, there are also very extensive programs that will not show you any clues except that you will have to move from a few numbers to a completely filled playing field.